We did this YRE on Saturday 12/22/2001. The start point is Jack Johnston Bicycle Shop. Lenore's bicycle had two flat tires when we got ready to start. I want to thank the people at the Bicycle shop for graciously filling her tires for us.

It was a great day to be outside. Sunny and mid 60s. We did the route backwards to save the best part of the walk (the falls) for last.


Lenore got scared the first time dogs came down the trail. She jumped off her bike and started running back toward us.
Wasn't long before Lenore got warm enough to shed her sweatshirt.
side trip
candy break
Lenore took a side trip. See the Dallas skyline in the background?
Stopping for a candy break.
Passing the marina on the lake.
Taking another side trip.
side trip
The bridge wasn't a problem.
Some of the trees were full of birds.
The fishing pier was another interesting side trip.
The Bathouse Cultural Center, from across the lake.

The best part of the walk!
This used to be the part of the walk that takes us to the dam. As you can see that what was once the best part of the walk, is no more!
More Waterfalls
White Birds
More of the waterfalls.
White Birds wading.
The Dam


The dam where we used to walk. I'm going to miss this part of the walk.

Lenore made sure she hit all the puddles.
Sail Boat
There was one sailboat out on the lake.
End of the event.

Lenore's Walk Diary

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