Cooper Lake State Park Event 2001

Cooper Lake has a YRE event that is very nice. This event was held on an Equestrian
Trail and is not the same as the YRE.

Walk start volunteers are Tim and Janet Allen, and Charlene Irvin. Tim and Janet were celebrating their 10th Wedding Anniversary. They met volksmarching. At the right signing up is Peggy (whose back is to camera)
Our checkpoint person is Gloria Riley.
Peggy on the trail. The lady and little girl were there
with a riding group, they weren't volksmarchers.
This is Amanda. Her father was doing the cooking for
this event. Amanda doesn't do walks.

The trail wasn't marked as well as it was back in 1999. We got off the trail, but this is a great place to walk and we had great weather.

Thanks Star Trekkers.

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